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Web Based Application Development

Nowadays,companies are actively creating and using websites effectively in order to influence their customers and enter new markets. Through the innovation processes which are led by technology,web applications are becoming crucial than ever before.

Web Applications developed by Neyasis Technology can serve on either desktop or mobile browsers responsively by adopting screen and components’ size and layout according to the resolution.

Web Application Development is a continous process which depends on many factors such as domain consultancy,high level strategy,planning based research,design,programming. However business critical logics exist at the center of this web based system. Creating and providing high performing and responsive solutions is one of the factors which makes Neyasis Technology different by considering customer requirements and recognizing business critical points.

We are able to develop powerful,fault tolerant,scalable with the large developer/consultant team in Neyasis. Creating a unique user and customer experience along with software development is one of our major asset as well. We are aiming to make on-time,high quality deliveries using best practices by following either new technical and project management approaches.

Along with software development, we are able to carry out the required activities and present our customers in order to ensure their website has the highest search engine rank. Our entire software development philosophy lays on sharing reports of the complete process and the progress which are delivered on regular basis and ensuring the high quality service continuity. In this way we are aiming to be able to implement the new version of the application easily.

We are able to develop solutions using the Technologies and the libraries below:
  • Asp.Net Web Forms
  • Asp.Net MVC
  • Asp.Net Core MVC
  • Core Javascript
  • JQuery
  • Angular
  • Typescript
  • React.js
  • Vue.js