Testing Services
Testing Services

Today, “change” is the only parameter that remains constant in the world of technology. In order to respond to constantly changing market demands, new products and new features are published every day. To win this war, the end-user experience has become the latest and most important criterion and that is why the old test approaches are no longer sufficient.

With modern Test and Quality Management approaches, software companies have become obliged to provide a seamless user experience and business/mobile applications, software development platforms to their clients that can continue to operate without interruption.

The demand for software testing and quality assurance processes has increased tremendously today. The emergence of new technologies such as cloud computing, mobile solutions, and social media caused the methods and approaches used in software tests to change. In order to ensure agility of applications, quality assurance tests, test automation and continuous test approaches should be encouraged within the company and studies should be done in this regard.

Within the Neyasis Technology Quality Assurance team, we can support our customers in the following test types:
  • System Tests
  • Functional Tests
  • Compatibility Tests
  • Security Tests
  • Performance Tests
  • Business Workflow Tests
  • Integration Tests
  • Globalization Tests
  • Database Tests
  • Component and API Tests
  • Cross Browser Tests
  • Business Process Tests