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API Development

With the increasing demand for dynamic web and mobile applications, API Development has become a very important need. We can briefly explain the concept of API in the form of the interface required for software to communicate, and in particular, Single Page Applications (SPA) and mobile applications use APIs to connect to server-based software and infrastructures.

Since our establishment, we have been able to provide API Development Service for our customers who have been serving on both Startup and Corporate scale for many years.

Although most of the new APIs developed today use the REST protocol and have been developed on Asp.Net Web API and .Net Core API frameworks, we can also provide solutions to our customers in developing security critical SOAP APIs for such sectors like banking and finance.

Regardless of the protocol used, we develop APIs that follow today's software development best practices and can work with your web and mobile applications smoothly and giving high performance.

While creating these APIs, we ensure seamless integration with remaining parts of the system, as well as implementing REST and SOAP standards end-to-end and even providing an interactive online documentation on Swagger for instance.