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Real Estate And Construction

Construction Companies are the companies where the project details are desired to be followed up with summary information entry without using much workforce.

The first goal in construction companies is to analyze the project budget and profit tracking in a shorter time at the center and to determine their financial situation without waiting for the end of the project.

The situation of many construction companies is that the departments are scattered and processes work independently.

As Neyasis, we are developing solutions that meet the needs of our customers, combine scattered structures at a common point, provide monitoring of all different construction / real estate projects from the central system, flexible and suitable for customer needs.

By combining digital transformation with state-of-the-art products and solutions, you can review details such as the status of your construction / real estate projects, personnel and material costs, payroll status, follow the Quality Management processes - operate the approval mechanism, and see the overall status of your projects from one screen to make managerial decisions.

In addition, we develop applications that include all dynamics specific to the construction industry, where you can manage all your supplier - purchasing processes and tender offers - requests, make company evaluations, create your supplier pool, and report the actual purchase prices effectively.

In addition, you can follow all your Human Resources processes with sector-specific operation.