Software Development Services Reverse Engineering (Application Re-Engineering)
Reverse Engineering (Application Re-Engineering)

Nowadays technology is evolving rapidly and as a result organizations come across various issues over the years which still remain so important for the business and unfortunately can not meet the actual requirements anymore. Ignoring the existing application while aiming to develop a complete from the scratch solution can not become a solution since these applications have a huge know-how behind the scenes.

Neyasis Technology Application ReEngineering services can support your organization at the stage of re-thinking about how your existing application meet the requirement and re-design the entire processes.We are aiming to fulfill all the questions and functional requirements by focusing completely on innovation,flexibility,quality outputs and cost management.

We are planning to transform and migrate Information Technology applications and systems with the newer technology stacks,frameworks and software products with Application Re Engineering Services.

With the service provided we are commiting the topics below:
  • To provide services to larger amount of users
  • To fix operational and performance related issues
  • To have a higher level maintenance infrastructure
  • To reduce licesing and support problems caused by old fashioned technologies
  • To increase user experience and application portability
  • To reduce the costs caused by old and not well documented existing applications.