Industry Specialties Energy

There is a strong change in the energy sector with the effect of digitalization. While the investments in the energy sector in our country are increasing, the needs of companies for digital transformation are increasing.

The energy sector, which has been using ambitious technologies of its era in network management and operations since 1970, is rapidly keeping up with the “Digital Age”, which can be considered as a new era for many sectors.

As Neyasis Technology, we play an important role in provide the technological requirements of the energy sector with our solutions and services that provide our customers' needs.

With our state-of-the-art products and solutions that we have developed in our customers, we are developing applications for Posture planning of Hydro Electricity, Wind Turbines and Thermal power plants, planning of production demands, lake levels of Hydroelectric Power Plants, transferring incoming water quantities to the system, viewing and reporting.

In addition, we offer our customers solutions at every stage, from purchasing to production and operation, from customer experience to electricity supply.

Thanks to our technical team with sectoral expertise, we provide consultancy support to our customers.