Devops Services
Devops Solutions

DevOps has already become a well established and frequently used buzzword in Information Technology.With the approach which can be expressed as the collaboration of either Development and Operation teams, automated end to end lifecycle management is inevitable after replacement of modern software architectures like Microservices with the old fashioned Monolithic approach.

We are able to provide consultancy on either Cloud and OnPremise customer infrastructures. Therefore we are able to deliver the software more secure and fast regardless of the complexity and sub-part count of the solution.

By applying DevOps aproach we are having the benefits of:
  • To have more stable running infrastructures
  • To reduce the application deployment time.
  • To minimize deployment related issues,if occurs rollback easily fix them and re-deploy. Therefore we prevent time and money loss.
  • To have a better communication and collaboration among the teams
  • To increate the productivity
  • To reduce the IT costs and headcount
In Neyasis Technology, we are able to provide DevOps solutions for different platforms with various tools such as:
  • Azure DevOps
  • GitLab
  • TeamCity
  • Octopus
  • Jenkins