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User Experience (UX) Design

At Neyasis Technology, we design user experiences to turn your visitors in to customers and mature your brand story!

Customer expectations are increasing day by day. The presence of your competitors offering similar products and services is greatly distracting the buyers' attention, and their special interest in you decreases to this extent. For this reason, it is important to attract visitors to your website / products / services and keep them inside while browsing your website / product / service. To achieve this, only visual impact is not enough. You should be knowledgeable about your users and update your system according to their interests.

At this point, User experience design acts as a bridge between users and your services and products. It collects the necessary information about your users and analyzes and organizes this information to help you turn your visitors into potential customers. It provides a more comprehensive user experience to your customers in later samples and uses.

At Neyasis Technology, we create not only visuality but also a unique user experience and we increase the rate of your visitors being customers.

What is User Experience Design (UXD)?

UX stands for User Experience. UX design refers to the quality of experience a person interacts with a particular design. Therefore, it is a human-oriented process that defines what, when, where, why, how and who a product is. This experience may also include larger experiences such as a special work, a movie, a museum visit, etc.

This experience is consisted of 3 factors:

Usability: It means the functionality and scope of fulfilling the visitor's needs by the website / product / service.

Information Architecture: It refers to the structural design of an information area; It is a combination of tags and navigation templates with the correct content placement. It is very important for easy Access to the right content.

User Interface: It refers to the appearance of the website / product / service. This is crucial to convey your brand story and attract visitors' attention.

What does User Experience Design (UXD) mean for Companies?

The User Experience design simplifies the use of the website, leading to higher conversion rates, more sales and cross-selling opportunities. Reduces support and service costs, leading to higher return on investment.

UX design is important to build brand perception and increase focus on business goals against personal goals. Increasing income with reduced project costs and timelines lead to higher profits.

The UX design must be usable, useful, valuable, discoverable, believable, desirable and accessible.

The User Experience Design (UXD) can be divided into 5 stages:
  • Identifying user needs and site goals: This defines the website's strategy.
  • Collect functional features and content requirements: This defines the scope of the website.
  • Facilitating information architecture and Interaction design: Defines the structure of the website.
  • Interfacedevelopmentandnavigationdesign: It defines the skeleton of this website.
  • Creating visual design: It defines the visual reflection of this website to the user.
Tools for User Experience Design (UXD)

The service design industry works with a number of tools to let you know your expectations and create service prototypes.

This includes scenarios, storytelling, storyboards and real-life experience simulations. Our team uses various tools such as wireframe, concept map, card sorting, content inventory, user and task flow charts, site maps, user tests etc. to ensure that the visitor experience is smooth, consistent and memorable.

Benefits of User Experience Design (UXD)

User experience design brings many advantages for the entire product, process, customer and user.

You can get the following benefits from the user experience design:
  • Makes your visitors return to your website or product
  • Ensures useful features are used
  • Reduces unnecessary costs of developing features that users do not want or find useful
  • Reduces training and support costs
User Experience Design (UX) at Neyasis Technology

At Neyasis Technology, we serve in web and mobile design, application development, user interface design and usability tests. We increase conversions, add value, and most importantly, make your users happy and loyal!

We experience best practices in various fields such as usability, information architecture, visual design and interaction design to create user interfaces.

Our interfaces both visually appeal to the users and give you a competitive advantage. With our professional information architecture team, who are skilled at organizing information in logical structures specifically for your users, we organize the information you want in the most accurate way.

Among other areas, our team has a good experience in psychology and business administration. These skills are quite different from the basic skills that visual designers and developers often have. We also have a team of visual designers who design and create websites, web apps, mobile and tablet apps, corporate identities and logos.

At each stage of the user experience design, our experts gradually create enjoyable and unforgettable user experiences like never before.