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In the new world, where information technologies are more involved in all areas of our lives, the fact that the teaching process in education is abandoned by traditional methods and moved to virtual environments in the long term is the vision of the sector for the future.

The new global trends in education are mobile learning, cloud computing, “ubiquitous learning” (u-learning) that mean learning anytime, anywhere and educational games.

In addition to educational institutions, many global companies create online corporate training platforms under the title of "Academy". They follow all training and orientation processes through these platforms.

e-Learning and education is the core of an organization's employee development. Multiple mobile phones, tablets, computers, etc. supports the sharing of information between. Growing at an extraordinary speed, this platform is used for schools, organizations, educational centers, etc. is gaining popularity among all channels.

Our solutions enable our customers to experience their investments in a safe, online learning and education environment, supporting learning faster than before in an easy-to-use and compact environment with quality information.

It eliminates all geographical barriers that strengthen cooperation and opens the horizon of broad learning, discussion and intercultural interaction.

As Neyasis, we work with many Global Organizations and Universities, and we offer solutions to our customers, by developing special designs and content, to achieve real results that create impact.