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Content Management System Development

Neyasis Technology puts best practices and data together in order to provide integrated strategical approach to content management systems. We deliver an end to end content management system which you can boost your work performance by using our data management, software architecture and portal development competencies.

Knowledge sharing is essential in today world where all the people connecting each other in order to have a better lifesytle. Therefore content is the most important factor anymore. Also for the organizations it is essential to success on the web.

It makes sense to look at the historical development once talking on web and content items. This development can be addressed in 3 stages. Web 1.0

The first phase of World Wide Web which consists of only websites connecting via hyperlinks. Static websites which do not have any interaction with the user can be shown as examples.

Web 2.0

On the contrary of Web 1.0, it gives opportunity to the clients to be able to create and contribute to the content and is the changing shape of web formerly working as only responding by content creators to the client one way.

Web 3.0

Web 1.0 and 2.0, have been presented and designed as to be interpreted their contents only by humans. As a result they were the tasks which are what the information, used for what or can be used for any topic else could only be completed by humans. Web 3.0 can be imagined as a new World where content management is done by software. Also can be describe a newer web environment where modelling our behaviours, present new models as per the output through the interacting systems.

Importance of digital platforms has increased even more with the dynamic state of web. Today ‘content’ term means enormous big volume of data which consists of thousands of web pages, blogs, articles, catalogs, broschures, videos and images as well as it’s volume is still increasing whereas ‘content’ had only meaning a couple of webpages. Nowadays the users not only consuming the content from various,they also are willing to be able to access what they request by using content research tool on a single platform. Therefore it is very important for the organizations to make a content accessible as well as creating it.

By using Neyasis Technology Content Management System you are going to;
  • Have faster and easier web page management functions(Add/Remove/Update).
  • Have a modern and simple interface to manage your content eliminating the technical resource existence.
  • Have an advanced user control mechanism to be able to authenticate and authorize based on user,role and user group.
  • Easily manage search engine optimization(SEO)