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Database Development

Nowadays the database remains the most important part of many software. Gathering all information about individuals and organizations on a single platform makes the database development service mandatory to understand new opportunities and customer relations that may occur for companies.

We can have consolidated information about an institution or a business line in the institution by creating a corporate memory through the database. In addition, thanks to an integrated platform, we are able to avoid repeated efforts while accessing useful information.

In Neyasis Teknoloji, we provide services from the design and management of both relational (MsSql Server, MySql, Oracle, PostgreSQL etc.) and new generation NoSql databases.

Today, it has become almost imperative to work with Polyglot database models (both relational and NoSql models) with the widespread use of API-based solutions and architectures such as microservices. While relational data is kept in one part of the same project, Key-Value data may be required in another part. Therefore, being able to respond to your data needs flexibly is among the most important capabilities of Neyasis Technology.