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Restaurant / Cafe

In restaurants and cafes, speed, correct order, complete service and timing are important for customer satisfaction.

It is in the highest rank in terms of customer satisfaction to receive correct and fast orders from the customer in the restaurant or Cafe, to be transmitted to the kitchen and to operate the safe-payment setup effectively.

The biggest factor to consider when choosing Restaurant / Cafe management software is the needs and goals of the restaurant business. Regardless of whether the developed applications are web or mobile, they should be specially designed according to the products that the business is selling, according to the customer mass they are addressing.

As Neyasis, Cafe / Restaurant applications are easy to use, functional and attractive platform to achieve the best ordering experience, easy registration and a login area for the customer, numerous options for effortless payments via credit cards or e-wallets, comments after completion of the order / We create stylish and technological designs with feedback options, a well-designed and understandable menu of food and drink.

We provide integration with different payment systems, we offer our customers options.

In addition, we offer solutions that you can follow your production processes in restaurants, track all your raw materials, semi-finished products and production recipes, daily menu planning, material requirement planning, Supply and Purchase order management.