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Cross-Platform Application Development

Cross Platform development is the best way to reduce the total cost of a mobile application. It helps your business to reduce its costs, launch onto the market and reach more users and followers without losing quality. With Cross platform mobile application development, Neyasis Technology enables its customers to invest in IT solutions with less effort.

Our development team is experienced in React Native, Flutter and other popular technologies. We develop cross-platform applications that offer the same features as native platform applications. Neyasis Technology has real and proven experience in creating effective cross-platform applications to attract your potential users to all platforms and devices.

What are the benefits of the business?

If your company values low costs and, above all, timing onto market, cross platform application development allows you to get fast and native-like applications.

With cross-platform mobile application development,
  • Significant reduction in your development costs
  • Time savings with making no concessions of usability and key features
  • Reducing management risks with a dedicated mobile development team
  • A wider audience
  • Opportunity to enter new markets on a global scale
  • Increase in your application revenues.

Neyasis Technology is not only an ordinary mobile application development company. We produce highly flexible, modern, user-friendly and innovative solutions for touch screen devices. Our software development company offers a proven communication model with a comprehensive analysis of your business goals and IT needs. We are developing cross platform applications that you need, both cost-effective and up-to-date.

Neyasis Technology, expertise in cross platform application development is evident in the robust and functional mobile applications we create.

Let's take a brief look at the technologies we use when developing cross platform applications. React Native

React Native allows you to create Native apps, uses JavaScript as the programming language to build applications. The strongest part of React Native is that you can write modules in languages like C, Swift and Java.

React Native is indisputably a good platform for cross platform application development. Because it interprets your source code and converts it into native items for a shorter period of time. Both Facebook and Instagram used React Native to create native applications, the world's most used apps. You can trust on React Native.


Flutter,developed by Google, is a modern app development kit designed to build apps for iOS, Android and Google Fuchsia.

From a developer perspective, the critical advantages are: Flutter speeds up the mobile application development process, reduces the cost of app production, and helps your team create a beautiful app interface with seamless animations.


Microsoft Visual Studio Xamarin allows you to create applications using a single .Net code for different platforms such as Windows, iOS and Android. The best part of the Xamarin cross platform tool is that all built-in apps look and feel like native apps because they use native interfaces that work the way a user wants to use.

With Xamarin, you can perform a platform-specific hardware upgrade for your application to achieve similar performance to native applications. Xamarin runs on a single code and speeds up the cross-platform mobile app development process. Xamarin runs on both Mac and PC systems and offers you tools like debugging, UI design tool and code editing.


This cross-platform application development tool is very popular due to its absolutely incredible graphic quality. Using this tool is very easy and you can use it for more than just a mobile app. With the Unity3D tool, you can transfer your apps or games to 17 platforms - iOS, Android, Windows, Xbox, PlayStation, Linux, Web and Wii.