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Android Application Development

Android Platform is undoubtedly the most widely used platform. There are millions of users worldwide using the android platform, Android application development is increasing demand in Turkey and abroad. Businesses are willing to have a strong presence on this platform, so you can connect with this huge user base.

Neyasis Technology has expertise in various Android platforms and also continues to work with customers in its country and the world. It goes without saying that working in different industries is a huge competitive advantage here.

Our team of experienced application developers. It develops fully equipped and high quality Android Apps for your business. Your advantages if you decide to work with us:
  • Communication Models we prepare are extremely flexible
  • We have a team of professionally qualified and trained people with 5 years of experience
  • We use solid techniques and are authorized as a team
  • We guarantee customer satisfaction. And our apps get 5.0 points out of 5.0 on the Play Store by a large audience
  • The Tools we use for Android application development are very effective. These includes;
    • Eclipse
    • Advance Java,
    • Android SDK,
    • Android Emulator and Sqilte3.
  • In order to develop a great looking and high-performance Application, highly effective development is required. The process we apply to develop Android Apps includes the following steps:
    • Idea Generation and Concept Creation
    • Prototyping
    • Mobile interface design
    • Application development phase
    • Sending the application to the relevant stores
The services we offer include the following. We want you to take a detailed look so you can decide which development service you need.
Custom Android Application Development

We use the latest technologies and tools to develop custom applications based on your business needs.

Online Reservation and E-Commerce Applications

We are here to help you increase your business growth by integrating your E-Commerce capabilities to automate your reservation system and make transactions easier through the mobile App.

Android Multimedia and Corporate Management

We develop Android-based Corporate and Multimedia applications that offer a pleasant and fun experience to users.

Upgrading and Maintaining Android Applications

We help you make sure that all components and features of your Android App are up to date and based on the latest Android Platform technologies for users to get the best experience.

Financial Applications

We are also developing highly sensitive financial practices that help develop financial and accounting systems for banks, insurance companies and many other businesses.

Android Game Development

We are highly empowered to develop various types of Android Games including Racing, Educational, Puzzle and many more.

Education and News Applications

By developing a training application for your users, you can go one step further than competitors. We are also aware of the coding process of News Applications.